Pre-game handshake CI vs. Babylon
Pre-game handshake CI vs. Babylon

  • Students learn immeasurable unique lessons through interscholastic athletic participation.
  • Educators universally agree, of all the goals established as outcomes for secondary students involved in school sports, sportsmanship is primary.
  • Students who learn to value and practice sportsmanlike behavior are developing the characteristics of good citizenship.  Honesty, generosity, self discipline, a sincere concern for others, ethical behavior and a commitment to fair play are all demonstrated in sportsmanship.
  • The Central Islip School District makes sportsmanship a premier concern.

Guidelines for Spectators

A good spectator at an athletic contest:

1.Shows interest in the contest by enthusiastically cheering and applauding the good plays or performance of both his team and that of the opposition.

2. Shows proper respect for opening ceremonies by standing at attention and by remaining silent while the National Anthem is being played.

3. Understands that attending a contest is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally attack others or be generally obnoxious.

4. Does not boo, stamp feet or make disrespectful remarks toward the players and officials.

5. Learns the rules of the game, developing an understanding and appreciation for situations that take place in a contest.

6. Obeys officials and faculty supervisors who are there to keep order.

7. Stays off the playing floor, field or contest area at all times.

8. Does not disturb others by throwing popcorn, paper cups or other materials around the building, playing floor or field

9. Shows proper respect for officials, coaches, cheerleaders and contestants.

10. Knows that noisemakers of any kind are not proper for indoor events.

11. Pays attention to the halftime program and does not disturb others who are watching.

12. Respects public property by not causing damage to equipment or facilities.

13. Knows that school officials reserve the right to refuse attendance of those whose conduct is not proper.

14.Refrains from the use of any controlled substances (alcohol, drugs)before, during and after the contest while on the contest site.

Guidelines for Student Athletes

Responsibilities of Student Athletes:

1.Treat opponents with due respect as guests and fellow human beings. Home team players, particularly, should adopt this philosophy. It's tough enough to play away from home without being mistreated by opposing players and spectators.

2. Shake hands with the opponents and wish them good luck before the contest.  Be an intense,rule abiding competitor and expect your opponent to be the same. Respect your opponent on and off the contest site.

3. Exercise self-control at all times.

4.Respect the judgment of officials and interpretation of the rules. Never argue or make gestures indicating a dislike for a decision.

5. Only the captain should communicate with the officials regarding the clarification of a rule.

6. Accept both victory and defeat with pride and composure - never being boastful or bitter.

7. Congratulate the opponents in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.

8. Cooperate with the coach and fellow players in trying to promote sportsmanship.

9.Welcome the opportunity to discuss the rules and strategies of the contest with parents and friends so they can better understand and appreciate the finer points of the game.

10. Accept the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community.

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