Leslie B. Anderson

Leslie B. Anderson

  • Name: Leslie B. Anderson

  • Year Graduated High School: 1983

  • HS Athletic Accomplishments: 3 Varsity letters Softball

  • Year Graduated College and College Attended: 1987 – State University at Albany

  • Sports Played in HS and/or College: High School – Softball & Basketball                      College Track/Field (Javelin, Shot Put, Discus - Captain)

  • What do you do for a living now? Lawyer - Principal Attorney Appellate Division, 2nd Department. Grievance Committee, 10th Judicial District

  • What social and educational benefits did playing high school sports provide? I gained the ability to function as part of a team and to work with others toward a specific goal.

  • What's the most important life lesson you’ve learned from participating in high school activities? The biggest lesson was that each person has different strengths. Successfully working as a team involves ensuring that every team member is put in a position to maximize those strengths for the benefit of the group.

  • What are the most important things you learned from your high school coaches and high school teammates? I learned that no one person is more important than the team. Success means that each team member has to step up or step back as needed. There is no room for egos or self-promotion in a team setting.

  • How did participating in HS sports help you academically? It helped academically and in my career by teaching the importance of focus and concentration on a specific task.

  • What was your favorite moment as a Musketeer? Speaking at graduation was my favorite moment. It gave me the opportunity to look out at the entire class and realize how diverse we were, as well as how far we had all come.

  • What were the benefits of growing up in Central Islip and attending the Central Islip HS? I recently mentioned in an online CI group that I meet CI people everywhere I go. My non-CI friends say we’re like a cult because we always find each other. It may be a sibling, cousin or parent of someone I know but no matter what town, county or state I go to, there is always a CI connection. Most people in the online group agreed.

    The other major benefit was the diversity we had in the district. By the time I graduated, I knew something about numerous other cultures, ethnicities and religions. It was much easier to interact with people in college and in my career when I knew “where they were coming from”. I’ve also found that in work and social environments people appreciate it when they find I’m familiar with their cultures/languages/religions.

  • Anything else you want to add? People who have gone to school in CI have an invisible bond that people from other districts don’t have and don’t truly understand. When we meet one another outside of CI it’s like running into an old friend, whether you know the person or not. It’s a fantastic connection that just seems to happen naturally.

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